2017 Karma ReveroThe Frisker Karma was thought to be long gone after the bankruptcy of Fisker back in 2013 but the Karma is set for a relaunch very soon. In 2014 a Chinese company, Wanxiang, purchased the rights to the Frisker assets and has been working behind the scenes to bring the Karma back to life.

Wanxiang expects to have almost 1,000 employees working for Karma Automotive by the end of the year. When it is released the Karma Revero will have a MSRP of $130,000. This is a little more expensive than the original Fisher Karma which was going to have a starting price of $103,000.

Most of the details of the Karma will remain the same but there have been a number of upgrades over the last two years. The 260 horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine will remain the same but the onboard electric battery has been upgraded and it should have a range of around 50 miles. The acceleration from 0-60 is a bit slower at 5.4 seconds but fuel efficiency will be about the same.

While the engine is still the same the infotainment system has been completely redesigned. The older system was very slow so Karma Automotive have worked hard to make it more responsive and engaging. Apparently the touch screen responds almost instantly and runs at 60 frames per second.

The Karma features a solar roof that generates electricity and can power the vehicle for up to 1.5 miles per day. You’ll be able to place an order for the Karma Revero very soon, by the end of September, so contact your local Karma dealer for more information.

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