2020 Ford Bronco WhiteFord have confirmed the production of the 2020 Ford Bronco, a much-loved car from yesteryear. This sturdy four-wheel drive had amazing off-road capability and it’s set to return for the 2020 model year, over a decade after it was discontinued.

Chairman Bill Johnson announced that the sixth-generation Ford Bronco is scheduled to be assembled at the Ford Michigan Assembly plant.

The other vehicle set to be produced at the same assembly plant is the Ford Ranger pickup which will be available in the next few years. The Michigan plant was previously home of the Ford Focus and the Ford C-Max, which have been moved to new assembly plants in Mexico.

While the Bronco will be assembled in the U.S., development of the vehicle will actually take place far away in Australia. Anonymous sources have apparently spied test mules in the land down under.

It’s probably good timing for Ford to bring back the Bronco and the Ranger as gas prices are much lower than a few years ago and sales of SUV type vehicles continue to grow.

While we don’t know any of the specs of the new Bronco nor what it will look like plenty of Broncos aficionados have made their own speculations as to what it will look like. The team at bronco6g.com for example have come up with the Bronco concept that they hope will be close to the real production. You can have a look at it below.

2020 Ford Bronco

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