bmw-550iLast Sunday a BMW 550i was stolen from a man’s garage in Seattle when his friend left the car unlocked with the keys inside the car. An ‘opportunist’ spotted the unlocked car and drove¬†away with it.

The owner of the BMW, a newly married man, called the BMW Connected Drive service and the BMW employees where able to locate the exact location of the vehicle and lock all of the doors, trapping the unwitting thief inside.

BMW employees gave the location of the car to police officers who then apprehended the 38-year old thief. The offender was taken into custody for car theft and also drug possession as a bag of meth was also found on his person.

The Connected Drive service is available to BMW owners who are able to call the center for GPS information or assistance if they are locked out of their car or the car is stolen. There have been some security concerns with the service as German researchers claimed it had no defence against hackers. Last year BMW sent out a patch to hopefully fix up any security holes in the system.


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