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Sedric Robot TaxiAt the Geneva Auto Show Volkswagen Group unveiled a self-driving taxi concept car known as Sedric.

Could this be a glimpse of how taxis will operate in the future? Read the rest of this entry

The quarrel continues between Uber and the California Department of Motor Vehicles who have removed the registrations of Uber’s test vehicles, forcing Uber to take those vehicles off the road. Read the rest of this entry

Uber Self Driving VehiclesUber have once again defied authorities by testing ‘self driving’ vehicles in San Francisco, California, without a permit. Permits have been given to other companies such as Ford, Google, Tesla and General Motors, but not Uber.

Uber have claimed that they don’t need this permit because although the vehicles are fitted with self-driving technology there will still be an operator at the wheel. Read the rest of this entry

Australia to Change CoordinatesAustralia is moving north and it’s putting automatic transport at risk. The government has been forced to update its coordinates to ensure accurate sat-nav information.

Autonomous cars may be the way of the future but for them to stand a chance on the open road they need very accurate information from GPS devices. Already in various countries around the world pilot programs are being rolled out for autonomous transport. Read the rest of this entry