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Last Thursday a Tesla employee, Joe Moran, apparently working at the California assembly facility took to Medium.com to voice his complaint. While he did say that he was proud to be part of a company bringing green cars to the masses he voiced concern about the long hours, difficult working conditions and lower than average pay. Read the rest of this entry

Lucid Motors Air SunroofThe Lucid Motors Air is set for production in 2017 and is expected to shake up the luxury car market. The Air is a luxury electric sedan that will initially be priced around the $100,000 mark. It will rival luxury car models such as the Tesla Model S, Mercedes Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-Series. Read the rest of this entry

toyota-electric-carsIt may be that Toyota are getting serious with the development of their electric vehicles with a shuffling of the top management to put the CEO, Akio Toyoda, at the head of their electric car division. This will allow Akio to make quick decisions and quick changes to get Toyota’s electric cars up to speed. Read the rest of this entry

Trump's Vehicle Import TariffWhile President-elect Trump is focused on bringing jobs back to America the CEO of Ford Motor Co., Mark Fields, remains adamant on keeping investments in Mexico.

Trump has criticised the automaker for taking jobs away from U.S. citizens and plans on introducing a 35% tariff on all vehicle imports. Read the rest of this entry

bmw-i3-electric-carEarlier I wrote about Mercedes’ plan to bring into production up to 6 electric vehicles. Now it’s been rumoured that BMW are also planning a big move to electric cars. Read the rest of this entry

2017 Karma ReveroThe Frisker Karma was thought to be long gone after the bankruptcy of Fisker back in 2013 but the Karma is set for a relaunch very soon. In 2014 a Chinese company, Wanxiang, purchased the rights to the Frisker assets and has been working behind the scenes to bring the Karma back to life.

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Mercedes-Benz Electric Concept CarGerman automaker Daimler is set to release at least six electric vehicles to try to grab some of Tesla’s market share and position themselves for the future. While the exact numbers and models of these electric cars are not yet known Mercedes-Benz have talked about designing two electric SUVs, two electric sedans and possibly a couple of electric compact cars. Read the rest of this entry