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Last Thursday a Tesla employee, Joe Moran, apparently working at the California assembly facility took to to voice his complaint. While he did say that he was proud to be part of a company bringing green cars to the masses he voiced concern about the long hours, difficult working conditions and lower than average pay. Read the rest of this entry

The next season of Top Gear is almost upon us and features a new cast including Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid. In this short introductory teaser for Season 24 we can see the stars attempting to get their insurance sorted out before the show begins. Read the rest of this entry

Last Tuesday thieves broke into the Jaguar Land Rover facility and stole over $3.7 million worth of Jaguar engines. This is not the first time thieves have broken into the factory. The last time over $1.2 million worth of engines were stolen and 5 people were convicted of the crime.

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A problem with Takata airbags has resulted in over 800,000 Ford vehicles being recalled. The fault lies in the passenger side airbag in which shrapnel is expelled along with the release of the airbag. So far over 180 injuries and 11 deaths have occurred as a result of the faulty airbag. Read the rest of this entry

Trump has continued to hit back at automakers for moving their auto plants to Mexico with his latest tweet saying “NO WAY! Build plant in U.S. or pay big border tax.”

Trump is sticking to his guns and wants to make sure jobs are brought back to the U.S. Read the rest of this entry

2016 was an amazing year for auto sales growth bit it’s still to early to know whether any major records were broken or not. What we do know is that in 2017 the industry is expected to experience a decline in growth with a drop in sales of about 200,000 vehicles.

The drop will mainly consist of low to mid-end vehicles as those with a lower income are beginning to struggle against the rising cost of expenses. Those with cash to spare are expected to continue buying up to-end luxury vehicles. Read the rest of this entry

The quarrel continues between Uber and the California Department of Motor Vehicles who have removed the registrations of Uber’s test vehicles, forcing Uber to take those vehicles off the road. Read the rest of this entry

Uber Self Driving VehiclesUber have once again defied authorities by testing ‘self driving’ vehicles in San Francisco, California, without a permit. Permits have been given to other companies such as Ford, Google, Tesla and General Motors, but not Uber.

Uber have claimed that they don’t need this permit because although the vehicles are fitted with self-driving technology there will still be an operator at the wheel. Read the rest of this entry

bmw-550iLast Sunday a BMW 550i was stolen from a man’s garage in Seattle when his friend left the car unlocked with the keys inside the car. An ‘opportunist’ spotted the unlocked car and drove¬†away with it. Read the rest of this entry

trump-ford-dealTrump isn’t the president yet but he’s already showing us what he can do with Ford now saying they’re open to keeping jobs in the U.S.

The CEO of Ford Motor Co., Mark Fields has said that he’s willing to work with Donald Trump if the right policies are put in place.

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