elio-la-auto-showElio Motors is a small U.S. auto startup company that was founded by Paul Elio in 2009. The Elio E1c was unveiled at the LA Auto Show and it appears to be nearing completion. This version had an upgraded interior cabin and some additional safety features.

The Elio will have a base price of just $7,300 when it’s ready and it’s claimed to have fuel economy of 84 mpg. Currently a limit of 65,000 Elios are being reserved at the base price with almost 63,000 already taken.

The Elio uses a Safety Management System that comes with 3 airbags, a unibody from and crush zones that are 50% larger than similar-sized vehicles.


elio-orange-headlightelio-red-front elio-interior elio-orange-boot

Elio cars are currently being manufactured in the U.S. with over 90% of the material used also coming from the U.S. Paul Elio was intent on bringing manufacturing jobs back to America and it looks like he has succeeded. The low base price of just $7,300 should bring in strong interest.

Elio Features

  • 7 Colors – Rocket Silver, Sour Apple, Creamsicle, Red Hot, True Blue, Licorice and Marshmallowelio-color-options
  • Length – 160.5 inches
  • Height – 54.2 inches
  • Front Wheel Track – 66.8 inches
  • Ground Clearance – 5.75 inches
  • Top Speed – Over 100 mph
  • Acceleration – 0-60 mph in 9.6 seconds
  • Transmission – 5-speed manual or automatic
  • Engine – 3-cylinder, 0.9 liter
  • Fuel – Regular unleaded
  • Standard Features – air conditioning/heating, radio, power windows, power door locks, cruise control.

Targeted delivery of the Elio is for the fourth quarter of 2016.


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