A problem with Takata airbags has resulted in over 800,000 Ford vehicles being recalled. The fault lies in the passenger side airbag in which shrapnel is expelled along with the release of the airbag. So far over 180 injuries and 11 deaths have occurred as a result of the faulty airbag.

All of the affected vehicles were made in the U.S. and are being recalled. Here is a full list of the affected vehicles.

List of Recalled Vehicles

2005-2006 Ford GT
2005-2009 and 2012 Ford Mustang
2006-2009 and 2012 Ford Fusion
2006-09 and 2012 Lincoln Zephyr and Lincoln MKZ
2006-09 Mercury Milan
2007-2009 Ford Edge
2007-2009 Ford Ranger
2007-09 Lincoln MKX

What to Do If Your Vehicle Is On the List

If your vehicle is on the list, don’t panic. Give Ford a call and let them know about your vehicle and they will take care of the rest. Your airbag will be replaced at a local dealer free of charge.

If you want to check to see if your vehicle is on the Recall list you can go to the Ford Recall website here and enter in your VIN. The recall reference number is 17S01.

What is the Fault

As mentioned above the fault lies in the fact that when the airbag is deployed it’s possible that shrapnel may be sent out with the airbag. Being in such close proximity to flying shrapnel is obviously dangerous and there have been 11 deaths and 180 injuries reported so far.

Who Else is Involved

There are a number of automakers who relied on Takata for equipment, so it’s not just isolated to Ford vehicles. There are dozens automakers involved with millions of vehicles affected.

A deal with Federal Prosecutors may cost Takata $1 Billion as they will be forced to pay penalties, settlements for victims and for automakers. As part of the deal Takata will need to plead guilty to criminal misconduct.

It’s also claimed that Takata withheld information about the safety of the airbags which led to more injuries and deaths that could have been prevented.

This vehicle recall is the largest in U.S. history and officials are trying to get it all sorted out before president elect Donald Trump moves into office.


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