The 2017 MINI Cooper Clubman is a subcompact car with a choice of turbocharged engines delivering up to 228 horsepower. It has a quiet cabin with plenty of space and lots of room for cargo. There have been no major changes to the 2017 model of the Cooper Clubman.

The Clubman has seating for up to 5 people and the roomy interior is one of its standout features. The turbocharged engines, which are also used in the MINI Cooper are zippy and give the Clubman a sports car-like feel. It comes as either front-wheel or all-wheel drive but suffers from poor fuel economy.

“It’s slightly more practical than the standard Cooper four-door but retains the driving flair and character for which the brand is known. With its unusual design that includes barn doors at the back, the Clubman is an intriguing alternative to more conventional rivals like the Volkswagen Golf.” – Edmunds.


The MINI Cooper Clubman ranks a little lower than the MINI Cooper although it comes with the same choice of three turbocharged engines because it’s price a few thousand dollars higher than the original. Having said that it performs admirably on the road with its turbocharged engines with plenty of pep.

The Cooper Clubman S has a starting price of $27,650 and uses the base engine, a 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, that delivers 134 horsepower. The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo produces and extra 55 horsepower for a total of 189 horsepower. The top end engine is also 4-cylinder but manages to put out a total of 228 horsepower. All the engines are well-built and feel athletic on the road but the base engines struggles to accelerate at higher speeds.

The 2017 Clubman has slightly worse fuel economy than the MINI Cooper with an estimated 25/24 for city/highway driving. The ride is comfortable and it handles well through the corners. Unlike the MINI Cooper, the Clubman has the option of upgrading to all-wheel drive.



The 2017 MINI Cooper Clubman seats 5 people and has more space than the MINI Cooper. For this reason it’s better suited for having adults in the back seat. It’s rare for a subcompact car to be able to comfortable seat 3 people in the rear seat but the Clubman has enough room for even taller adults.

The Clubman comes with leatherette seating as standard with the option of adding leather upholstery. The interior is elegant and attractive with plenty of space for passengers or cargo. Navigation is an optional extra, as are the moonroof and 8.8-inch display screen.


The 2017 MINI Cooper Clubman has a starting price ranging from $24,100 to $35,100 depending on trim. The starting price is up to $10,000 dearer than other subcompact cars which is one of the reason the Clubman generally ranks lower than its rivals.


The 2017 MINI Cooper Clubman is a decent choice in the subcompact car market but does come at a price around $8,000 dearer than other rivals. You may also like to look at the 2017 MINI Cooper with a base price of $20,000, the 2017 Kia Rio for a much cheaper alternative or the 2017 Honda Fit.