While details are still a little sketchy as it’s a matter of national security, Donaly Trump may arrive to his inauguration in a Cadillac Presidential Limousine nicknamed The Beast 2.0.

The process of designing and building Trump’s limo is top secret but we have heard that the Beast will include armouring and weaponry. The limo will serve as short range transport to and from Air Force One and for travelling around Washington D.C.

The Beast is set to be ready for Trump’s inauguration although the reports can’t be confirmed as the details of Trump’s transportation are highly secret. The limo is expected to seat 7 people and should be similar to the last Beast which was based on the Chevrolet Kodiak chassis.

The last presidential Cadillac had 8-inch armor plating around the doors and contained its own oxygen supply. The new Beast 2.0 is expected to be similar in design and undoubtedly the safest vehicle in the world. It reportedly uses a truck engine with high torque to keep the vehicle moving at all costs.


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