toyota-electric-carsIt may be that Toyota are getting serious with the development of their electric vehicles with a shuffling of the top management to put the CEO, Akio Toyoda, at the head of their electric car division. This will allow Akio to make quick decisions and quick changes to get Toyota’s electric cars up to speed.

The spokeswoman for Toyota, Kayo Doi has said, “By putting the president and vice presidents in charge of the department, we plan to speed up development of electric cars.”

She further goes on to explain, “The president will directly oversee the department’s operations to enable decisions to be made quickly and nimbly.”

Akio Toyoda is the grandson of the man who founded Toyota, Kiichiro Toyoda. He has been the CEO of the Toyota Corporation since 2009. It’s clear that he wants to take the company in a new direction and be competitive in the electric vehicle market.


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