The 2017 Toyota 4Runner is a good off-road SUV but lacks the refinement of other SUVs in its class. The 4Runner has a starting price of $34,210 and comes as either rear-wheel or 4-wheel drive.

The 4Runner has seating for 5 people and features a 4.0-liter V6 engine that delivers 260 horsepower. It has impressive off-road capability and decent cargo room. On the downside the 4Runner has a firm ride and low fuel economy for its class. The 3rd row of seats are quite cramped and wouldn’t be comfortable for most adults.

There have been no major changes for the 2017 model of the Toyota 4Runner although 2 new trims have been released for off-road driving.


The 2017 Toyota 4Runner comes equipped with a large 4.0-liter V6 engine that makes 270 horsepower. This is the standard engine on all trims and there are no upgrades. Some trims upgrade the rear-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive for off-road driving. The 4Runner is pretty heavy at 4,400 lbs. although the engine is powerful enough to keep up with other vehicles.

Fuel economy for the 4Runner is 17 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. The 4WD version is essentially the same with a slight reduction in economy for highway driving. The 4Runner has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs.



The Toyota 4Runner seats up to 5 people although a third row of seating is available for an extra $994. The seats are fairly comfortable and they all have ample headroom. The second row is also comfortable but has smaller legroom than other mid-sized SUVs. The same can’t be said for the optional third-row of seating that is really only suitable for children.

The interior cabin of the 4Runner has been referred to as being more chunky than elegant and this suits the style of the 4Runner as an off-road vehicle. The dials are large and easy to reach. Infotainment features are sadly lacking and the 6.1-inch touch screen is smaller than its competitors.


The Toyota 4Runner has a starting price of $34,210 for the SR5 trim level, which is the base trim. All trims come with the 4.0 liter V6 engine paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The 4Runner excels in off-road condition. The TRD Off-Road trims is priced at $37,335 and includes off-road features and 4-wheel drive.


The 2017 Nissan Murano is one of the top ranked mid-sized SUVs and has a starting price almost $5,000 cheaper than the Toyota 4Runner. Other options include the 2017 Toyota Highlander, the 2017 Ford Edge or the 2017 Honda Pilot.