Sedric Robot TaxiAt the Geneva Auto Show Volkswagen Group unveiled a self-driving taxi concept car known as Sedric.

Could this be a glimpse of how taxis will operate in the future?

Sedric has been designed from the ground up to be focused on self-driving autonomy. This makes it the perfect taxi or chauffeur, driving kids to school, collecting shopping or picking up guests from a train station. This can all be operated at the touch of a button, with your smartphone app or through voice control.

VW have designed Sedric to be a Level 5 vehicle, which means it is capable of full automation. It has seating for 4 people and comes with a two-part swivel door, allowing for easy access from the side of the vehicle.

Sedric has large windows on all sides so the passengers can view out any side of the vehicle. There are two seats facing each other and no steering wheel, pedals or cockpit. There is, however, a user interface with a single button.

Sedric does not feature a label from VW or any of its brands as the car is designed to have a corporate identity which will be displayed on the windshield.

Speaking about the vehicle, Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller had this to say “We’re convinced that fully autonomous vehicles will make life in our cities better, more environmentally friendly and safer. Sedric offers the first concrete outlook.”


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